Competa von oben

Competa is one of the famous white villages, steeped in Moorish history and culture. It´s location high in the Sierra Almijara affords it the most stunning scenery, with views from the mountains down to the sea, and on a clear day across the Mediterranean to the distant shores of Morocco.

Competa Kirche

The centre of the village is dominated by its´16th century church, a delightful plaza with street-cafés, restaurants, shops, bank etc. Usually it is crowded with people having a chat or just going about their business.

Marktplatz Competa / Andalusien

Even if it seems loud and noisy to the reserved nothern Europeans, they soon find out that this is only the typical of the andalusian lifestyle. The warmth and friendliness of the people still remains an invitation to stay here. Throughout the year there are various „fiestas“ in the village with local flamenco music and dancing.


Among the host of activities available are horse riding, trekking, tennis, painting workshops, language classes and swimming in the municipal-pool of the village.

Competa Gasse

The village is surrounded by green terraces of almonds, vines, olives and avocados and limited above by the pine forests of the Almijara Tejeda National Park. The fantastic views of the mountains and the Mediterranean sea added to the smell of the wild herbs in the clear air will turn every walk into an unforgettable wildlife experience.


The area of the Tejeda National Park offers spectacular walks with the possibility to get to know very extreme landscapes: Dry, jagged mountain chains on one side and fast flowing streams running through woods of oleander, pine and even the occasional palm tree on the other.

Blumengeschmückte Gasse Competa

The tourism of the last few years has brought a little prosperity to Competa and therefore also a more modern lifestyle. Young people now prefer motorbikes and cars as a means of transport rather than mules. Although the older andalusians still use mules. You will find a great tolerance of old tradicions and development continuing side by side as a sign of our incessant history.

But - thanks to tourism - there is work in the village, so the young people can stay here. That means, Competa also stays young and lively . It´s always worth experiencing the colourful life of this authentic Spanish village.